Sample Program

Our New Elegant Sample Program

We would like to introduce our new Elegant Sample Program that will allow our customers to order samples of our products at a fraction of the price. 

Elegant Design Supply has come a long way in the last two years and it is thanks to our customers who are mostly small business owners. 

We have realized that the costs of launching a new product can be quite high. Not only do your products have to be great, but you also have to take great photos your contents on social media. And as a result, we have to use products like our luxuty flower boxes. 

The goal here is to help small business owners lauch their new products in a cost-effective way by using our sample boxes instead of full-price boxes.

How does it work?

Any customers can order samples by visiting our "Sample" page right here

Some conditions apply:

  1. Each customer is limited to purchasing TWO samples per box style per order.
  2. All samples have MINOR DEFECTUATIONS (i.e. bent corners, scratches, etc.) - see picture below for reference.
  3. All sample orders are FINAL. No refund or exchange will be allowed. 
  4. Sample are only available on selected boxes. Visit the "Sample" section to find out which ones are available.  
  5. Normal shipping charges still apply. 

Again, this is to help our customers create contents of their arrangements without wasting a perfect box at full price. We do NOT recommend using the samples for your customers' orders, as this could damage your brand. 

Example of Minor Defectuations